Netizens’ reactions to IVE’s cover of BLACKPINK’s Forever Young: Liz draws the most praise

Liz continues to shine with her vocals. 

Since their debut, IVE’s cover of other artists’ songs often receive mixed reactions. Recently, the cover of BLACKPINK’s famous b-side track Forever Young by 3 members Liz, Wonyoung and Gaeul on the show IDOL VS IDOL has garnered much attention. 

Wonyoung, Gaeul and Liz sang a cover of Forever Young (BLACKPINK)

Among 3 members, Liz is said to stand out the most because of how stable her live vocals are. Her voice also sounds the clearest. It was only a singing cover without the dancing, but netizens think Liz showed the youthful and energetic vibes of Forever Young well. 

IVE Forever Young
Liz took the spotlight thanks to her stable voice throughout the cover 
IVE Forever Young
She also gives off the youthful vibes of Forever Young

Gaeul and Wonyoung were not bad but their vocals don’t really impress as netizens can’t hear them as much as Liz. Wonyoung looks pretty as always, but some netizens say her expressions and body language are always the same cutesy style that does not match the energy of Forever Young. Some even claim Gaeul and Wonyoung are like Liz’s backing vocalists in this cover. 

IVE Forever Young
Wonyoung’s “aegyo” expressions 
IVE Forever Young
IVE Forever Young
Gaeul does not leave much of an impression in this cover 
IVE Forever Young
Liz shows she is IVE’s main vocalist for a reason
IVE Forever Young

Some netizens’ comments:

  • Forever Young is an energetic song but Wonyoung acts cute yet again…
  • Gaeul looks like she’s nervous. I barely heard her. 
  • Wow, Liz has such a nice voice. I hope she will get more opportunities to shine.
  • Am I the only one who can only hear Liz’s voice? 
  • Doesn’t Liz have the most stable vocals in IVE? She is pretty, humble, and talented. A full combo. 
  • Liz has great potential. Wonyoung in every cover looks the same, her expressions never change. 

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