Netizens praise NMIXX’s well-trained live singing skills and wonder why JYP didn’t do the same for TWICE

Compared to their JYP senior TWICE, rookie girl group NMIXX draws more praise when it comes to live singing. 

JYP’s new girl group NMIXX made their debut in February 2022 with the title track “O.O” and quickly gained interest for the members’ outstanding visuals and talents. One of NMIXX’s most impressive skills that made them attract attention is their flawless and well-trained live singing


Specifically, JYP’s effective training on vocals and live singing skills for NMIXX is shown through how incredibly clear and stable the members sounded when warming up their voice backstage, singing 100% live on Vlive, singing when wearing masks, etc. 

NMIXX sang live during a live broadcast  
NMIXX did a cover to Bang Bang with their masks on 

Every video showing off NMIXX’s live vocals receives great attention and plenty of compliments from fans and netizens. Although “O.O” is not a public friendly song and debuted to low rankings on digital charts, thanks to positive response to NMIXX’s amazing live vocals during their promotions, the rankings of “O.O” have gradually increased.

NMIXX’s clear and stable live performance of “O.O” 

Netizens’ comments:

  • Live vocals are very important for female idols nowadays. NMIXX is doing an excellent job. 
  • Out of all the rookie girl groups, NMIXX is the best at singing live. 
  • All the members sing well.
  • Their choreography is intense but they still sing live well. 
  • JYP trained them well. I think they learned from TWICE. 
  • Compared to TWICE and ITZY, NMIXX is much stronger in terms of vocals. JYP did well training them. 
  • “O.O” grew on me because of NMIXX’s great live vocals. 

Seeing how great NMIXX’s live vocals are, some netizens also wonder why JYP did not provide the same training for TWICE, causing TWICE to come under controversy over their live singing multiple times. 

TWICE’s controversial live performance during the encore stage for “I Can’t Stop Me”

Source: K14

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