Netizens point out the “expensive table lamp” in a recent photo of Kim Sae Ron, who is working part-time due to financial difficulties

On the 11th, Kim Saeron posted several pictures on her Instagram story without any particular caption. The photos included Kim Saeron working at a franchise coffee shop.


Some netizens have taken an interest in the light fixtures around Kim Saeron in one of the photos where she is making bread in a dark space. This is because the light fixtures don’t seem to match the kind of lighting that would be fitting for someone who has expressed financial difficulties.

The light fixture in question was a product of the Australian wireless table lamp specialist company, Neoz. The product, which is available for purchase on the company’s official website store, costs approximately 460,000 won.


Last year on May 18th, actress Kim Saeron caused a hit-and-run accident while driving under the influence in the Cheongdam-dong area of Gangnam-gu, Seoul. She crashed into guardrails and trees several times, and caused a power outage by colliding with a transformer.

During the trial held on the 8th with Judge Lee Hwangi presiding in the Criminal Division 4 of the Seoul Central District Court, the prosecution pointed out that “the defendant (Kim Saeron) caused an accident while driving under the influence with a very high blood alcohol level, but fled without taking any action, indicating that her crime is not favorable,” and requested a fine of 20 million won.

Kim Saeron’s defense lawyer requested acquittal, stating that “she is suffering from economic difficulties due to paying a large amount of compensation for damages,” after which Kim Saeron left the scene after a short apology. The court will deliver its verdict on the morning of next month’s 5th.

kim sae ron

Afterwards, Kim Saeron posted a photo of herself working at a coffee franchise on her SNS. However, netizens criticized her for not wearing a mask and for using it as a way to appeal for sympathy regarding her financial difficulties. Currently, the post has been taken down.

Furthermore, when the photo gained attention, the franchise stated in an interview with Sports Chosun on March 11 that “Kim Saeron has never worked as an official part-time employee at any of our stores nationwide” and that they are currently looking into the specific situation. As of now, there have been no additional statements from Kim Saeron’s side.

Source: Wikitree

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