Netizens pay close attention to aespa Karina’s appetite following a remark by Lee Young Ji on “Not Much Prepared” 

aespa Karina gains attention for her regular eating habit. 

Earlier on May 19th, aespa Karina appeared on “Not Much Prepared” hosted by Lee Young Ji. On the show, Lee Young Ji asked, “Don’t you eat a lot?” adding, “The makeup artist also told me that you eat the most among the idols”. 


Immediately after the video was released, the fan discussion forum Theqoo started compiling photos of aespa Karina’s meals on broadcast and through photos she posted on SNS.  

In the past, Karina said she ate only four of the six donuts during an Instagram live. She also reportedly ordered four pizzas and ate six pieces during a music video shoot. On MBC’s entertainment show “Omniscient Interfering View”, the idol said that she ate two packs of ramen alone, depending on her condition.

In addition, fans also revealed meal photos that aespa Karina sent to them.

In response to the thread, netizens said, “How hard it must be to dance and sing”, “Karina should eat well”, “It’s good to see you exercise as much as you eat”, “I can see that Karina likes to eat, but it’s great to see her manage her weight [as well]”. 

Source: wikitree 

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