Netizens feel bad for this female idol who told her fans to wash up before attending a fan meeting 

This girl group member had to remind fans to take a shower before coming to see her. 

In a recent trending topic on Korean online community theqoo, netizens shared their thoughts on a female idol who told her male fans to wash up before attending a fan meeting. Specifically, she is fromis_9’s Roh Jisun. 

fromis_9’s Jisun asked fans who come to fan meetings to wash up 

Specifically, according to a fanboy, Jisun said that she got grossed out when people came to the group’s fan meeting without washing up. Jisun added that she washed her face before a schedule so fans should do the same. On the fan community Weverse, Jisun also left comments telling fans to use scrub like she does and if they are already using it, she reminded them that a shower is necessary too. 

Jisun wanted flovers (fromis_9’s fandom name) to wash up before going to a fan meeting
She revealed that she would shower and exfoliate before a fan meeting and want the fans to do the same.

In the comments under the post, most netizens said they feel sorry for Jisun in particular and female idols in general because they have to suffer from the smell of fans who refuse to wash up before attending these in-person events. Idols always take good care of their appearances to appear in front of fans looking the prettiest, so fans should at least clean themselves up before going to see their biases. 

  • Isn’t it a basic manner to wash up before going to such a crowded place like a fan meeting? Let alone to meet your favorite artist? 
  • Whoever doesn’t take a shower before going to a fan meeting seriously lacks basic manners…
  • It’s indeed difficult being a female idol! I feel bad for her. 
  • She had to tell them to wash their face and use scrub? So normally these people just went there without washing up? I think this happens to so many female idols, especially groups with mostly fanboys like WJSN and fromis_9. It’s summer so it’s understandable to be smelling a bit but how could they not at least shower? 
  • I went to a event packed with male fans before and… you know… 
  • Ew this is so gross. How terrible the fans must have smelled for her to speak up like this? Female idols are so pitiful. 

Many netizens also agree that taking a shower and making sure you are clean before going to a crowded place like a fan meeting is a minimum of respect for people around you. It is a basic etiquette that applies not only for K-pop fans, but everyone: 

  • Why would people have the confidence to go see their biases without showering? 
  • If I’m seeing my bias, I’ll clean up and dress up well as if it’s my own wedding.
  • ISTG if I had a chance to go to a fan meeting or a fansign, I would make sure I look and smell the best to leave a good impression. I can’t understand those fans. Poor female idols. 
  • If I was going to meet my idol, I would’ve bathed in rose petals every day a week before the event!
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