Netizens compares NewJeans Hyein’s images before and after debut and praises her old style

Predebut photos and videos of NewJeans youngest member Hyein is drawing keen attention from netizens.

Releasing various hit songs right after debuting, NewJeans is currently one of the most famous 4th-generation girl groups. Therefore, the public is also curious about each member of NewJeans. Fans recently spread videos and photos of NewJeans maknae Hyein on online communities. 

The released videos show Hyein participating in various entertainment programs for kids with a bright and energetic appearance. The young female idol also carried out activities as a model. 

While fans pour out compliments for Hyein’s predebut visual, some netizens think HYBE is building an unsuitable image for Hyein. They pointed out that her current image is too mature compared to her young age.

Newjeans Hyein
Hyein’s lovely appearance before debuting with NewJeans
Newjeans Hyein
Hyein has participated in different activities ever since she was young
Newjeans Hyein
She used to be an attractive kid model
newjean hyein
Hyein’s current image

Hyein (real name Lee Hye In) was born in April 21st, 2008 in Incheon, Korea. Before making her debut as the youngest member of NewJeans, Hyein used to appear on Youtube content “Play With Me Club” released on Pocket TV telling about the life of a K-pop idol trainee.

On the show, Hyein even revealed herself as a BTS fan and let viewers see the corner in her room for idol goods and photos. Before debuting, Hyein had a chance to meet other HYBE senior artists, such as TXT Yeonjun.

hyein yeonjun
Hyein with TXT Yeonjun

In response, netizens commented, “The current style doesn’t suit Hyein at all”, “Her predebut style is so pretty. HYBE really don’t know how to build the image for NewJeans members”, “She looks so pretty without bangs”, “Hyein looks more fashionable and pretty with her predebut styles. Her current makeup style is not attractive at all. I hope she can have a change to try new images”, etc.

Source: K14

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