Netflix to release a special episode of the “Persona 2” series in memory of the late singer Sulli

Netflix announces it will release a special episode in addition to the unfinished “Persona” anthology starring the late Sulli.

Before passing away in 2019, the late singer and former f(x) member Sulli was in the middle of shooting for the “Persona 2” series.


“Persona” is an anthology of short films which tell five different stories based on five directors’ individual perspectives. IU joined the production for the first series. It was released on Netflix later. The “Persona 2” series followed a similar fashion. Unfortunately, Sulli passed away when she only completed one segment out of five, according to Dispatch.


Recently, Netflix announced that it is in the process of producing a special episode that compiles and stitches together the shots that Sulli did on June 16th, along with several segments of an in-depth interview with the late singer.  

In response, fans showed mixed reactions. Some are willing to watch the special episode in hopes that they can reunite with their favorite idol through a different medium. Others are more skeptical about Netflix’s production of documentaries in similar styles. However, there are also a group of fans who turn away from watching the episode because they cannot cope with the pain of seeing her again after the sudden passing.  

Source: Soompi, Kpopping

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