Lee Do Hyun: “I don’t want to be a famous actor, I just want to act”

Lee Do Hyun has shared candid thoughts about his perspective on the acting profession.

Lee Do Hyun, the rising star of the Korean entertainment industry, has captivated audiences with his exceptional acting skills and undeniable talent. However, in a recent interview, the humble actor revealed that his journey into acting was never driven by a desire for fame, but rather a genuine passion for the craft.


Do Hyun explained that he never applied to a prestigious acting program with dreams of becoming a famous actor. Instead, he chose to pursue acting because he truly loved it and wanted to delve deep into the study of theater and film. It was during his university years when he performed in a couple of stage plays that he began contemplating how he could embark on his acting journey.

The actor said: “When I performed on stage during my university days, I kept thinking about how I would start my acting journey. Ever since I began this path after watching an inspiring film, I have always wanted to become a film actor. As a result, I continuously signed up for auditions for short films. One of these films was “Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today”, which was made by a group of high school students. I took on a role in the film without receiving any payment. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to create a short film at that age, and I am grateful to my university friends. I want to expand my acting endeavors within a larger community, so I made efforts to audition for various companies and eventually connected with my current agency, Yuehua Entertainment.”

Seeking to expand his acting opportunities within a larger community, Do Hyun auditioned for various companies, eventually landing at his current agency, Yuehua Entertainment. It was during one of these interviews that he started to consider himself an “actor.” Despite feeling somewhat conflicted, he believed that taking on this title instilled a sense of responsibility. He questioned whether he truly deserved to introduce himself as an “actor,” but recognized the need to continuously reaffirm this role for himself.

In a recent interview for his latest project, “The Good Bad Mother,” Do Hyun was asked about his criteria for selecting scripts. He revealed that he does not have specific criteria; if it’s a role he wants to portray, he will accept it. He thrives on challenging characters that push his acting abilities. He never dwells on whether he can successfully portray a desired role, instead adopting a “just act” mindset whenever he wants to take on a particular character.

Do Hyun’s approach to acting reflects his genuine love for the art form. He remains grounded and focused on his craft, prioritizing the characters and stories he believes in, rather than pursuing fame or recognition. His dedication and talent continue to impress both critics and audiences alike, cementing his status as a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry.


As Do Hyun’s career progresses, it is clear that his unwavering passion for acting will guide him to even greater heights. While he may not have sought fame, his undeniable talent and commitment to his craft ensure that his journey as an actor will continue to be an inspiring one.

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