NCT Taeyong Shares Thoughts on Solo Debut: “Nervous and Excited, I Want to Do Well”

NCT Taeyong opened up about how he felt upon making his solo debut.

On June 5th, the showcase for Taeyong‘s first mini-album ‘SHALALA’ was held in Seoul to celebrate its release. Taeyong expressed his honest feelings, “Although I have been engaged in various activities, the idea of solo activities is quite intimidating and nerve-wracking. I also have a strong desire to do well in a different context.”  

This album is Taeyong’s first solo album released in seven years since his debut in NCT and also the first solo album by an NCT member. 

Taeyong actively participated in the entire production process of the album, from planning to writing lyrics and composing.

Taeyong said, “My name is credited for all the songs on the album. I contemplated my emotions and thoughts that I have had. This album contains everything from difficult times to joyful moments and periods of personal growth. I made it with the hope that it would bring energy and support to the listeners’ days.”

The title track ‘SHALALA,’ written by Taeyong himself, is a hip-hop song that combines Taeyong’s witty rap flow, addictive chorus, and a free-spirited rhythmic bridge, giving off an energetic vibe.

Taeyong’s album, which includes a total of seven songs, including ‘SHALALA,’ was released through various music streaming sites at 6 p.m KST on June 5.

Source: Daum. 

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