NCT Mark wipes his mouth with chopstick wrappers to protect the environment?

After writing a song about climate change, NCT Mark appeared as a weather forecaster and showed sincerity to environmental protection.

On February 6th, NCT Mark appeared on JTBC’s “News Room”, weather center section, and conducted a weather forecast with reporter Lee Jae Seung.

NCT Mark

On this day, Mark introduced “The Cure”, a song about climate change, which he participated in writing the lyrics for, and said, “I tried to compare it to love. Since we were loved by the earth first, now we need to return and share that love. The lyrics aim to contain and convey such feelings.” 

Then, when asked, “Do you usually do anything to preserve the environment?”, Mark said, “I am trying to do a lot of basic things like sorting and using less disposable products.”

NCT Mark

Afterwards, a photo was released, proving Mark’s determination. In particular, the NCT member can be seen wiping his mouth with a chopstick wrapper after eating in the photo.

In response, reporter Lee commented, “It was very impressive to see you wipe your mouth with the wrapper of chopsticks after eating.” Hearing this, Mark showed a slightly embarrassed look and laughed.

NCT Mark

When the video was released, netizens expressed their surprise and left comments such as, “Was tissues paper far away?” and “It’s true that this is good for environment protection,”

Source: Insight 

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