Navy enlisted Park Bo-gum got promoted to sergeant, 6 months left until his discharge

Top actor Park Bo-gum has already been promoted to sergeant, and his discharge is just around the corner.

According to military officials on Nov 2nd, Park Bo-gum, who is serving as a cultural promotion soldier under the Navy’s military music and honor unit, has been listed as a sergeant as of the previous day. Last year, Park Bo-gum applied for the keyboard field of the Navy’s military music and cultural promotion unit and passed the practical test as well as the interview test. He began his military service on August 31st of the same year.

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Park Bo-gum military service

Park Bo-gum will be discharged from the military on April 30th next year. However, Park Bo-gum is expected to be able to take off his military uniform as early as March next year if he uses his leave before he got discharged officially.

Currently, the Ministry of National Defense is allowing individuals to get discharged early without having to return to their base if they use their leave before the official discharge. This is in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Park Bo-gum is known to have more than a month of vacation left in his current service.

Park Bo-gum military service

On Nov 9th, Park Bo-gum has hosted a concert to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Navy at the Olympic Hall in the Olympic Park, Seoul. At that time, Park Bo-gum pointed to his sergeant’s rank and smiled gladly, saying, “My rank is full now” when his fellow host, announcer Kang Ah-rang, asked about the change on his badge.

Park Bo-gum military service

That event is virtually his last official event during Park’s military service. He is now expected to participate in “security concerts” to boost the morale of each unit, which will be held internally by the Navy, during the rest of his service.

Park Bo-gum military service
Park Bo-gum military service


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