Natalie Portman showed photo taken with BLACKPINK Jisoo, flaunting their relationship

Hollywood actress Natalie Portman has released a photo taken with BLACKPINK Jisoo.

Natalie Portman tagged Jisoo’s account on the 28th by posting a photo on her Instagram, saying, “With Jisoo at the Dior SS23 show yesterday.”

blackpink jisoo

In the photo released, Natalie Portman, who was staring at the camera, wore a dark navy dress and sunglasses. Next to her, Jisoo smiled in a black off-shoulder dress.

The two are working as global ambassadors for Dior, and recently attended a fashion week in Paris, France.

blackpink jisoo

In response, Ji-soo also posted the photo on her Instagram story and said, “I was so happy to sit next to Natalie Portman, whom I have admired since I was very little. Thank you so much for this kindness. This memory will remain forever in my heart,” she said.

Meanwhile, Natalie Portman, who was born in 1981 and is 41 years old, made her debut with the movie ‘Leon’ in 1994, and is currently preparing to release the movies ‘Lady in the Lake’ and ‘Dear December’.

Source: xportnews

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