Nam Joo Hyuk enlists on March 20th as military police, fulfilling his national defense duty

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk will be enlisting on March 20th, fulfilling his national defense duty as a military police officer.

In January, Nam Joo Hyuk was admitted to the Mobile Unit of the Military Police Corps in January. He will enter the army training center on March 20th.

nam joo hyuk

On March 20th, a representative from  Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency, Management Soop, told Dispatch in a phone conversation, “He will enter the training center without holding any special event.”

Nam Joo Hyuk will undergo basic military training for five weeks from this day. After that, he will receive education at the Comprehensive Administration School. His assigned unit will be confirmed a week before the completion of his education.

nam joo hyuk

On the other hand, the actor has plans to fill up his absence with an upcoming project. In particular, the Disney+ original series “Vigilante”, which stars Nam Joo Hyuk, is set to be released within 2023. 

Meanwhile, on the same day as Nam Joo Hyuk, Cha Hun from N.Flying,  Kang Seung Sik from Victon, and Y from Golden Child will also enlist.

Source: Dispatch 

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