Nam Goong Min’s successful drama “One Dollar Lawyer” suddenly got flooded with complaints 

On November 5th, various users of the Korean forum “Dmitory” posted articles on the viewer’s bulletin board, complaining about the absence of K-drama “One Dollar Lawyer”, which features famous actor Nam Goong Min

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In particular, the drama was previously announced to be shortened from 16 episodes to 12 episodes “to increase the level of perfection”, leading to dissatisfaction. 


As a result, negative comments can be found on various forums, such as, “Why do they feel the need to reduce the number of episodes?”, “They said they want to increase perfection, yet continue to put explicit PPLs”, “The show’s popularity took a hit after being changed from 2 episodes a week on Friday and Saturday”, and “The absence is simply too severe.” 


On the 21st of last month, the special episode “One Dollar Lawyer – Intermission”, which summarizes the contents of episode 1 to 8, was aired, drawing resentment. The episode was allegedly to make time for further preparation of the series’ 2nd half, and the 9th episode was delayed.   

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On October 28th, the drama broadcast was canceled due a professional baseball postseason, and the 10th episode was moved to October 29th instead. Then, Episode 11 is scheduled to air on November 5th, and the final episode is set for release on November 11th. 

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one dollar lawyer

With such frequent absences and broadcast delays, the ratings of “One Dollar Lawyer” also took a hit. Previously in episode 8, the series achieved a viewership of 15.6% in the metropolitan area, 15.0% nationwide, and peaked at 18.8%, according to Nielsen Korea.

one dollar lawyer

Meanwhile, episode 10, which aired after the absence, recorded 13.7% in viewership rating, a slight decline.

Source: wikitree

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