Na PD Mentions BTS V’s Reaction To “Jinny’s Kitchen 2”, “Is Go Min-si That Good?”

New updates on the whereabouts of BTS member V, who is serving in the army, have been revealed by PD Na Young-seok

On July 2nd, PD Na Young-seok (Na PD) spent time reviewing tvN’s new entertainment program “Jinny’s Kitchen 2”, which began airing on June 28th, on the YouTube channel “channel fullmoon”.

In the previous season of “Jinny’s Kitchen”, BTS’s V joined as an intern. In a meeting with Jinny’s Kitchen team right before his enlistment V left a video message for the new intern, who would replace V in season 2, without knowing who they would be, saying “When I come back, I hope you’ll have gotten used to the work. See you then”.


It turns out that the new intern who replaced V in “Jinny’s Kitchen 2” is actress Go Min-si. Go Min-si had already gained attention for her diligence and qualities as a “golden intern” who could find tasks to do without anyone telling her based on her life experiences.

Watching the first scene of “Jinny’s Kitchen 2”, where V left a message for the new intern Go Min-si, Na PD said, “I got a call from V after episode 1”. He added, “With a sulky voice, he asked, ‘Is Go Min-si that good?’. So I said, ‘No. Tae-hyung ah. Both you and Go Min-si worked hard. When you come back, the puzzle will be completed. It’ll be very interesting then”.

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Na PD continued, “Anyway, we had a pleasant talk before hanging up. Tae-hyung also said he enjoyed watching the show. He also called the members to compliment them for working hard”, adding “Tae-hyung is enjoying his time in the military. Fortunately, I think the people who are living with him are very nice. I want to let you guys know that Tae-hyung is still healthy and doing well.”

As such, fans are looking forward to the day V returns to “Jinny’s Kitchen” as well as V’s synergy with Go Min-si in the future after his discharge from the military.

Meanwhile, “Jinny’s Kitchen 2”, starring Go Min-si, airs every Friday at 8:40 p.m. V is currently serving in the special task force of the military police under the command of the 2nd Corps in Chuncheon.

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