Na In-woo shared his thought on his on-screen lover Seohyun: “She is never introverted”

Na In-woo gave his co-star Seohyun a lot of praise

The KBS 2TV drama ‘Jinx’s Lover‘, starring Na In-woo, ended on the 4th. The drama is about Gong Su-gwang (Na In-woo), a human man who considers his unhappy life as his destiny and Seul-bi (Seohyun), a goddess who jumped out of an unknown world to break the curse, and  overcome a cruel fate.


In the drama, Na In-woo plays Gong Soo-gwang, a ‘man of bad luck’ who even causes the people around him to suffer unlucky things. He collaborated with the goddess Seulbi (Seohyun), who jumped out of the unknown world to break the curse.

Na In-woo, who recently met with an iMBC entertainer, praised Seohyun as a “stubborn actor.” “Seohyun is never introverted. She is a very determined actor. She expresses exactly what she thinks and what she has thought,” he said adding, “There is something to learn for sure in that part. In fact, she takes care of herself really hard. It felt very solid.”

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 He said, “When playing her character, Seo-hyun says everything in her mind. If there is anything she wants, she will say it no matter what. In my case, I tend to get off and watch the situation first then find out what other actors want and approach them”, adding “As a result, our synergy doubled because we’re a little different from each other”.

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Seo-hyun’s role in the drama is said to be a character created with fantasy elements, which was relatively more advantageous to receive the spotlight than Na In-woo’s character Gong Soo-kwang. Na In-woo then shared, “Still, Gong Soo-kwang is a humane character. Thanks to Seul-bi, Gong Soo-kwang goes through things that he has never experienced in his life. I tried to express the reactions of the Gong Soo-gwang in a quite dramatic way.”

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Meanwhile, Na In-woo debuted in the musical “Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop” in 2013. In 2014, he made his first television appearance through “Good Day”, and since then, he has performed in several productions such as Naver TV’s Web drama “Spark”, tvN’s “Cinderella and the Four Knights”, “Queen Iron Man” and MBC’s “Golden Bag”. Last year, he appeared in the KBS2 drama “River Where the Moon Rises”, replacing Jisoo, who was edited out due to a controversy over school violence.

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