“My Liberation Notes” Kim Ji-won, “I hope your spring will always be warm”

Kim Ji-won shared her thoughts on the end of “My Liberation Notes”.

On May 30th, the agency Salt Entertainment released a video of Kim Ji-won’s thoughts on the end of JTBC’s weekend drama “My Liberation Notes” (directed by Kim Seok-yoon/ written by Park Hae-young/ production companies Studio Phoenix, Chorokbaem Media, SLL) through YouTube and V LIVE.

Kim Ji-won said, “It’s been a long time since I greeted you through a drama. I was very nervous and excited at first, but I was happy to be able to greet you with the role of Yeom Mi-jung. I hope ‘My Liberation Notes’ will be a work where you can feel some sympathy or comfort.”

Kim Ji Won

She delivered a moving message, “I finished filming in winter, but I think it’ll be spring by the time the drama airs. I hope you have a warm spring after winter, and I hope your spring will always be warm.”

Kim Ji Won

Lastly, Kim Ji-won expressed gratitude to viewers, who joined her on the journey towards liberation of Yeom Mi-jung, “Thank you so much for enjoying the drama. I’ll always do my best to show you the good sides of me.”

Kim Ji Won

In “My Liberation Notes”, Kim Ji-won played an active role as Yeom Mi-jung, who felt like being left alone in the whole universe and treated life like homework. Yeom Mi-jung is a character who does not talk much but expresses emotions through her eyes and narration. Kim Ji-won portrayed this character with delicate and deep eyes, detailed facial expressions as well as calm and subdued narration. Kim Ji-won’s passionate acting made viewers feel what emotion the character is feeling right now and immerse themselves in the drama.

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji-won, who has broadened her acting scope through various works such as “Descendants of the Sun”, “Fight for My Way”, “Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead” and “Lovestruck in the City”, showed stable and solid acting skills through “My Liberation Notes”. Therefore, people are raising expectations about what kind of new appearances Kim Ji-won will present in the future.

Source: Daum

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