“My Liberation Notes” actor Lee Min-ki, “I wanted to play Mr. Goo while Son Seok-gu liked Chang-hee… We ate 7 meals a day during the drama shooting”

On May 21st, a video titled, “‘My Liberation Notes’ Lee Min-ki, side dishes that made him eat seven meals a day.ssul From meals to life quote that he saved in his notepad | Yeom Chang-hee”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel of Cosmopolitan Korea.


Revealing that his MBTI is ESTJ, Lee Min-ki said, “It sometimes comes out as ISTJ, but most of the time it is ESTJ. I think Chang-hee is INFP. He talks a lot because he has to communicate in his social life, but he is I (introverted) inside. N is for his imagination. Chang-hee imagines things a lot and has many dreams. F is because Chang-hee seems to be good at sympathizing with others. Chang-hee doesn’t seem to be a person who prefers well-organized plans, so he is P.”


Next, when asked for the character he wanted to play apart from Yeom Chang-hee, Lee Min-ki shared, “We discussed this a lot from the beginning. When I and Son Seok-gu hyung met each other for the first time, I really liked Mr.Goo, while Seok-gu hyung liked my role Chang-hee. We still like each other’s role a lot.”


When asked, “Lee Min-ki is a rural or urban person?”, the actor confessed, “My mind is rural but my body is urban. I prefer being in quiet places but my body likes to move around from time to time.”

Lee Min-ki was also asked about the most delicious side dish he ate during the filming. In response, he said, “I can’t leave anything out because all of them were delicious. I think we ate 7 meals a day during the filming. If it weren’t for those side dishes, would we have been able to continue filming? I can’t pick one but the side dishes that we ate the most were sweet potato stems and pickled cucumbers.”

Lee Min Ki

Regarding the question asking “What makes you feel happy?”, Lee Min-ki expressed his honest thoughts, saying, “I think the saying ‘Happiness comes from little things’ is true. Still, the happiest time to me is when I work and when I have something to do.”


Meanwhile, Lee Min-ki is currently starring in JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes”.

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