Musical “Dream High” revealed cast lineup, replacing Kim Soo Hyun are Taeyang and?

The faces who will assume the role of Kim Soo Hyun’s character in “Dream High” the music have been announced.

With its first season released in 2011, the K-drama “Dream High”, which boasts an intriguing plot about a school for singer trainees and an outstanding cast, garnered immediate attention. At the time, “Dream High” became a sensation all across Asia, with viewership ratings high enough to make it to Top 10 of KBS’ history. Now, over a decade later, the release of “Dream High”, the K-drama will meet audiences again with a musical version. 


According to an OSEN report on March 1st, the production company of “Dream High” the music has confirmed not one, but three artists for the male lead role. In particular, WINNER Seunghoon, SF9 Taeyang, and actor Eum Moon Suk will assume the role of Song Sam Dong, who was originally portrayed by famous actor Kim Soo Hyun

dream high
WINNER Seunghoon, SF9 Taeyang, and Eum Moon Suk

Among the 3 newly-announced names, Seunghoon and Taeyang are active as Kpop idols, who boast insane talents in singing and dancing. However, their acting abilities is an undiscovered potential, and whether they will live up to the performance of Kim Soo Hyun remains to be seen.

WINNER Seunghoon
SF9 Taeyang 

On the other hand, Eum Moon Suk will be challenging music acting for the first time via “Dream High”. The actor, who was born in 1982, previously starred in the hit comedy movie, “6/45”. 

Eum Moon Suk
Eum Moon Suk in “6/45”

The K-drama “Dream High” has set a launching pad for various young stars at the time, including Kim Soo Hyun, 2PM Ok Taecyeon, IU, and Suzy. In this drama, Kim Soo Hyun’s role, Song Sam Dong, is a music genius born to a poor family, who underwent a “visual transformation” as he entered Kirin Arts High School. 

Kim Soo Hyun dream high
Kim Soo Hyun dream high
Kim Soo Hyun gained huge attention after “Dream High”

On the other hand, the musical version of “Dream High” will be performed starting in May 2023 at the Kwanglim Arts Center. It will revolve around the same characters as the K-drama versions, but focus on their life after high school graduation. 

Source: Naver

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