Music critic Kim Young Dae’s spoiler “BTS V’s solo, I think you’ll be surprised”

Amid rising expectations for BTS V’s solo album, music critic Kim Young Dae’s remarks are drawing attention.

Kim Young Dae recently gave a lecture on BTS at the 2023 ACC Humanities Lecture and mentioned V, the last BTS member to be a soloist.

At this event, when Kim Young Dae said that he had listened to several songs of V’s solo album, the audience stirred. He drew attention by carefully saying, “I can’t tell you in detail, but I think you’ll be a little surprised.

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Kim Young Dae raised expectations by sharing, “It can be said that it’s a new discovery of a vocalist named V. Of course, there’s also a familiar image of V. However, I think you’ll be surprised by that image and exclaim, ‘He worked it out like that.’

He added, “First of all, the music is so good. V has a very attractive voice, but in BTS’ songs, there are interpretations in certain directions. In this album, he worked out this issue well. It’s very natural.”

He added curiosity by heralding, “If you’re curious about the natural V, wait. And there’s one unique reason I can’t tell you right now. You’ll probably be surprised. It’s not a collaboration.”

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The video is spreading around online communities, attracting enthusiastic responses from fans. Fans are showing reactions such as “I’m already excited“, “I can’t wait to hear V’s voice” and “V’s voice is the best.”

Starting with J-Hope in July last year to Jin, RM, Jimin, Suga and Jungkook, BTS’ members are showing different musical colors and directions through individual activities.

In particular, at the press conference ahead of the 2021 LA concert, V said, “BTS’ music is both similar and different compared to my music style. I usually prefer blues or jazz, and I’m working on my personal music with the thought that I want to express it. I hope someday I can show my own music that is different from BTS.” Therefore, fans’ support for V’s unique musical challenge is growing.

Meanwhile, the agency Big Hit Music previously announced their position regarding the rumors of V’s solo debut in the third quarter of this year, “The schedule will be revealed upon confirmation.”

Source: Daum

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