“Ms. Rim” Shim So Young will reunite with Lee Je Hoon on “Taxi Driver Season 2”

Shim So Young, who played the strongest villain in SBS’s drama “Taxi Driver”, will reappear in the upcoming Season 2. 

SBS’s new Fri-Sat drama “Taxi Driver 2” (written by Oh Sang Ho/ directed by Lee Dan/ produced by Studio S and Group 8) will air its first episode on February 17th. It tells about the private revenge carried out by a group of people under the veil of the taxi company “Rainbow” and taxi driver Kim Do Ki on behalf of unfair victims.

shim so young

In Season 1, Shim So Young acted as Ms. Rim, the boss of a voice phishing organization, and became a scene-stealer. It was recently confirmed that she would make a special appearance in the first episode of “Taxi Driver 2”. In the previous season, Ms. Rim had a love line with Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon), who created a second character and carried out a plan to punish Ms. Rim.

shim so young

The production team of “Taxi Driver 2” also released still cuts showing Ms. Rim leading her organization in Vietnam’s Chinatown. Her unique visual and powerful image continues to steal the spotlight. Attention is focused on why Ms. Rim appears in Season 2 and whether she will reunite with Kim Do Ki, who gave her feelings of love and betrayal at the same time in Season 1.

SBS’s “Taxi Driver 2” is scheduled to premiere at 10 p.m. on Friday, February 17th. In addition, the Youtube channel SBS DRAMA will broadcast Season 1 live at 6 p.m. every day from February 6th to February 16th. 

Source: daum

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