“Moving” Lee Jung-ha Showcased Idol-like Visuals After Losing 30kg

Actor Lee Jung-ha, who recently wrapped up his successful role in “Moving” as Bong-seok, showcased his idol-like visuals after losing 30kg

Lee Jung-ha conducted a photoshoot for the October issue of the fashion magazine “Elle”. In this photoshoot, he exuded unmissable innocence and loveliness, which are his trademarks, following his splendid journey with “Moving“. Lee Jung-ha confidently displayed a diverse range of his unique charms, from chic appeal to cuteness, in front of the camera.

In an interview conducted after the photoshoot, Lee Jung-ha was asked if he realizes that he is receiving love thanks to the role of Bong-seok in “Moving”. He responded, “I feel it most when the residents of my apartment recognize me in the elevator. It’s both fascinating and motivating, as it makes me want to do well.”

When asked if there are people who expect him to enter through the entrance by flying like Bong-seok, he caused laughter as he humorously replied, “If you want, I can perform the flying gesture for you.”

Regarding his co-stars, he said, “Most of the moments on set were enjoyable and happy, but during difficult times, Yoon-jung noona (Go Yoon-jung) helped me a lot to keep my spirits up. Thanks to Yoon-jung noona, who is like Hee-soo in real life, I was able to portray Bong-seok well.”

About Kim Do-hoon, who played Kang-hoon, he expressed his affection, “We didn’t have many scenes together in the drama, but in real life, he’s like a friend who is always by my side, just like Bong-seok and Hee-soo. Every moment was enjoyable. I’m grateful that he still considers me a precious person.”

Lee Jung-ha shared his aspirations, “I want to be an actor and a person who is like the sea, staying in the same place while conveying various emotions in each season.” When asked what he wants to achieve now, he replied, “I tried many new things for the first time in ‘Moving’, and I’ve learned a lot from the results that have been shown to the world. I want to fly splendidly towards my limits.”

Source: Nate

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