Moon Chae Won “‘Dream’ Lee Sun Kyun, funny Park Hoon, bright Kang Yoo Seok, synergy was good” (Payback)

Actress Moon Chae Won expressed her affection for the actors of “Payback”.

Moon Chae Won, who starred in SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Payback” (written by Kim Won Seok and directed by Lee Won Tae), mentioned, “We achieved good synergy.”

moon chae won

At the press conference before the first broadcast of “Payback”, Moon Chae Won said “My dream came true” about acting with Lee Sun Kyun.

Regarding this, she smilingly said, “I don’t really talk like that. I came to say so because Park Kyung Lim talked in a witty way. If working with Lee Sun Kyun is a dream, then I always had such a dream.”

moon chae won

She also introduced that Kang Yoo Seok and Park Hoon had good teamwork. Moon Chae Won praised, “Kang Yoo Seok is very bright and positive. He looked pretty because he smiled a lot. He gives me a feeling like a younger brother. At first, he looked younger than I thought when I saw him in plain clothes, but he suited the role of a prosecutor.”

About Park Hoon, she shared, “He’s playful and funny. When we filmed the second scene together, he said, ‘It feels like we did two works together.’ I was grateful for his consideration.”

Source: daum

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