Moon Chae Won created a buzz for looking legendarily pretty in her graduation photos

Moon Chae Won’s past photos draw much admiration. 

Actress Moon Chae Won made her face known through several dramas such as “Painter of the Wind”, “The Princess’ Man”, and “Flower of Evil”. In particular, by starring in historical dramas and boasting an elegant beauty with a graceful aura, Moon Chae Won is often named in the list of “Celebrities who look the best in hanbok”. She is also dubbed the “Hanbok goddess” and “Historical drama goddess” thanks to her gorgeous visuals. 

moon chae won

Posts titled “Moon Chae Won’s shocking graduation photos from the past” were recently posted on several Korean online communities, sparking a lot of discussions among netizens.

In the released photos, Moon Chae Won showed off her unchanging appearance, proving that she was born beautiful. Amazed by Moon Chae Won’s past photos, netizens gave enthusiastic responses, such as “I got goosebumps. She didn’t change”, “The beauty that makes us envy”, “She’s so cute”, etc.

Meanwhile, Moon Chae Won is known to have finished filming the movie “We Grow Up” and is currently preparing to film the drama “Law Money”. 

The actress will work alongside actor Lee Sun Kyun in “Law Money”, a revenge drama that tells about Eun Yong, a money trader who enters the war and risks everything facing a cartel and law, and the fight of “our side” until the end. 

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