Momo: TWICE’s King of Cooking is Mina, eat one meal a day to gain weight

TWICE Momo selected Mina as the “cooking king” among TWICE members and revealed the secret behind her perfect figure.

On January 21st, a video titled “What is Momo doing at home? Let everyone know” was published on the official YouTube channel of Cosmopolitan Korea.

In the video, Momo mentioned eating healthy and cooking rice as her New Year’s wish, saying, “I made something like pot rice on TV once, and I make it so well that I don’t get tired of eating it every day. I made budae-jjigae a long time ago, but it was difficult.”

Then, the female idol said, “I like Mina’s cooking. She made bread and poke, and they were the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.”

Momo also added, “I bought a Taiyaki machine, I also got custard cream and taiyaki powder, which are used at a real store. I shared the Taiyakis with the members”.

Finally, Momo revealed the secret to her figure, saying, “When I’m not exercising and want to gain weight, I eat one meal a day. It’s not a healthy way, but it’s a little better.” “Exercise tends to be tiring for me, so I do Pilates for a month, then flying yoga, then crossfit, I always find exercises that I can enjoy by doing them one by one in a short period,” the female idol concluded.

Source: Naver

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