Netizens show mixed reactions to the scene where aespa Winter cried like a baby after seeing a ghost, “Cute” vs. “She was acting”

Winter burst into tears when facing a ghost on aespa’s variety show “Synk Road”.

The new episode of wavve’s “aespa’s Synk Road” showed aespa members playing a game to assign rooms for their trip.

Winter, who was eager to win the game, confidently walked to the playground with red lights.

aespa Winter

Later, Winter got nervous as she became to feel the chilly atmosphere. She was so scared that she even asked aespa members who already finished the mission if there was a ghost at the playground.

Winter went down the slide to complete the mission of helping resolve the ghost’s deep resentment and eventually faced a virgin ghost.

aespa Winter

As the virgin ghost approached her, Winter was so scared that she began to cry and spoke with a slight lisp, saying “Don’t do that… You said there isn’t going to be a ghost…”.

Looking at the virgin ghost with resentful eyes, Winter said, “Why did you say that there’s no ghost…” Flustered by the sudden situation, the virgin ghost stood still and couldn’t do anything.

aespa Winter

Winter continued crying even after completing the missions and returning to the accommodation. She also complained in a cute tone, saying “I like horror movies, but I’ve never done this kind of thing before”.

Ning Ning reacted, “She really cried. How could this happen?”. Karina and Giselle just looked at Winter, who was crying cutely.

aespa Winter

In response to the broadcast, many netizens said, “Winter is pretty even when she cries”, “This suddenly stimulates my protective instinct”, etc. 

However, some others commented, “Her tears look fake”, “I think she knew there were cameras”, “No one cries that way. I think she was acting”, etc.

aespa Winter

Meanwhile, “aespa’s Synk Road” is aespa’s first solo variety show. It contains the journey of aespa leaving for Donghae and Pyeongchang in Gangwon-do to enjoy various activities and games.

Source: Insight.

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