Military dramas, why are they loved?

There is a genre called “military drama”. From “Blue Tower”, “D.P.”, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” to “Recruit”. 

Although the background is similar, each work has its own atmosphere and color. All of them achieved good results.


Olleh TV·Seezn’s “Recruit” tells the story that takes place when the son of a division commander enlists as a recruit in the army with various people. It is a live-action version of a work of the same name produced by the YouTube channel “Studio Jangbbijju”, which has more than 3.15 million subscribers. “Blue Tower” humorously depicts the big and small stories taking place in the squad in the form of a sitcom. Netflix’s “D.P.” tells the story of a team of Korean military police with their mission to catch deserters, introducing another story in the military that many people did not know. tvN’s “Military Prosecutor Doberman” centers around Do Bae-man, who became a military prosecutor for money, and Cha Woo-in, who became a military prosecutor for revenge. They break down the evil forces in the military environment and grow into true military prosecutors.

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The common denominator between “D.P.”, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” and “Recruit” is barracks irrationality. Of course, the composition and material are slightly different. In the case of “D.P.”, they focused on the D.P. group and naturally dealt with the narrative centered on deserters. “Military Prosecutor Doberman” highlighted the actions of soldiers who punish evil against the backdrop of military court. “Recruit” was based on ordinary daily life in barracks. All three works criticized barracks irrationality that came down like a bad practice, and this material received great attention as it formed universal sympathy. Soldiers are the main characters, but viewers are not necessarily soldiers. It was aimed at the fact that we are all family members, friends or lovers of soldiers.

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Besides, the military culture is symbolic. This is because it is the story of a group that melts power, invisible class and hierarchy. It is also interesting that military entertainment shows such as “Steel Troops” and “Real Men” are completely opposite to dramas. Entertainment shows highlight fellowship or physical strength. Dramas examine in detail the conflicts of human relations that may occur in the community, as well as the power and non-power classes that come from the spatial specificity. In particular, since many people have experienced the military, works should be more realistic.


As such, works dealing with the military material steadily met the public. Here, playful and cute characters are used to evoke the atmosphere. Han Ho-yul of “D.P.” is a typical example. The background and familiar characters that heighten the sense of reality take on realism. The protagonists, who usually have ordinary characteristics, take on dramatic elements. Although they are military stories, they are accompanied by universality to receive great love from viewers, as well as deliver laughter and messages that can be sympathized with by people of all ages and both sexes. It is a vivid daily life of soldiers, such as struggling to avoid outdoor roll calls on rainy days or participating in religious activities for snacks, but there is definitely fun that both those who have been in the military and those who have not been can relate to.

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Director Min Jin-ki, who directed “Recruit”, talked about the reason why military stories are steadily loved in the Korean content industry, “There’s a sense of unity given by the military material. The intimacy and familiarity that go through periods.” Citing the fact that many people have experience in the military material, director Min Jin-ki explained, “In the current situation of the Republic of Korea, I wonder if there’s anything that goes through several decades like the military. There are many restrictions and difficulties when filming, but I’m making it with a sense of duty (as a director).”

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The genre strength of military dramas is black comedy. “Military Prosecutor Doberman” has episodes of “The Emperor’s Military Service Controversy” that reminds us of real events. “D.P.” also raised the need to improve military life, revealing the power that content can have. The follow-up of wrong practices is highlighted through contents, which has the effect of alarming people in reality.

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