“Mask Girl” Go Hyun Jung, “I lost to Ahn Jae Hong’s bald character. I should have tried plastic surgery side effect makeup”

Go Hyun Jung complimented actor Ahn Jae Hong, who made a drastic image transformation in “Mask Girl”.

Go Hyun Jung joined an interview conducted at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on August 24th and revealed various behind-the-scenes stories about Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl”.

Go Hyun Jung

 “Mask Girl” depicts the life story of Kim Mo Mi, an ordinary office worker with an appearance complex who gets caught up in an unexpected incident while working as an Internet broadcasting BJ every night with her face covered with a mask. Go Hyun Jung played middle-aged woman Kim Mo Mi who has become accustomed to being called ‘Prisoner No.1047’.

In the drama, Joo Oh Nam (Ahn Jae Hong) is a character who likes spending his pirate time alone and is described as a “nerdy” man. Ahn Jae Hong impressed viewers as he even tried bald makeup to portray Joo Oh Nam.

Go Hyun Jung

Go Hyun Jung also expressed admiration for Ahn Jae Hong’s passionate acting performance. She praised Ahn Jae Hong, saying “I know male actors care about their appearance as much as actresses do. However, especially a bald character… It’s like a character without teeth or chest for actresses. It’s not as simple as just taking off your clothes”.

The actress continued, “It’s a fatal challenge for any actor, but it expresses the ‘nerdiness’ of the character the best. When he (Ahn Jae Hong) acted the ‘aishiteru (I love you)’ scene, I really thought he was like that. I realized that was how acting should be done”, adding “I even questioned myself about what I had done”.

Go Hyun Jung

Go Hyun Jung confessed, “I was worried that what I did would look excessive on the screen. I even wondered if I should go further to try more extreme makeup and look like I really experienced the side effects of lip surgery. Rather than reflecting on myself, I was more greedy. I thought I would lose to Ahn Jae Hong. I felt like the game was over already when Joo Oh Nam appeared at the beginning of the drama.”

Revealing that she did the short hair styling and the scene where she fell on the bare floor all by herself, Go Hyun Jung said, “But didn’t Ahn Jae Hong also do these things, too? After watching the performances of actors like Ahn Jae Hong and Yeom Hye Ran, I could feel that I was pushed back behind them. I received motivation to work better knowing that I’m still far away from becoming a good actress. I lost to them, so I want to learn more”, showing her passion.

Meanwhile, all episodes of “Mask Girl” were released at once on Netflix on August 18th.

Source: Daum

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