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Mamamoo’s fights are like cutting water with a sword… It’s possible because they’re real friends

Mamamoo shared anecdotes of true friendship.

Girl group Mamamoo appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros“, which aired on Oct 8th.

Wheein revealed that she recently bought her mother a dream car. Lee Soo-geun shouted, “Dad, dad! Why are you ignoring your dad?” Wheein explained, “Because my dad has a car already.” Moonbyul said, “I said when I appeared on the show previously that my dream was to build a detached house for my parents. I couldn’t build it for them, but I helped to get a house where a large family could live together.” Solar said shyly, “I let my parents get a medical checkup.” Kang Ho-dong praised, “It’s a good thing.” When Hwasa said “I gave my dad a car as a gift”, Lee Soo-geun made everyone laugh as he reminded, “Mom!”

It is said that during trainee days, Mamamoo hid and ate in blind spots to avoid CCTV for diet monitoring installed in the kitchen. Mamamoo members, who really liked chicken feet more than beef tripe at that time, ordered chicken feet right after practice. However, they ordered too much and ran out of money, so they gathered their late fee to buy food. It is rumored that they were scolded a lot because all of them gained weight.

Moonbyul and Solar revealed that they mostly fought physically and fought a lot over trivial things. Instead, they added that they did not touch faces. It is said that their fights ended when the youngest members Wheein and Hwasa stopped them. Wheein and Hwasa are said to take time when they are angry. There was a big fight once. Wheein shared, “We drank together after our schedule in Japan. At first, the atmosphere was good. But we got angry over trivial things and fought. That’s why we took time.” Hwasa added, “It’ll be solved again as nothing.”

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