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MAMAMOO revealed their different dating styles… Hwasa’s unexpectedly confession “I only go with one-sided love”

MAMAMOO members talked about their dating styles.

Girl group MAMAMOO appeared as guests on SBS’s entertainment program “Dolsing Fourmen”, which aired on November 8th, and gave several honest talks.

Lee Sang Min said, “I was very surprised to hear about MAMAMOO’s dating stories. I think the members are all very good but they are like Im Won Hee in dating”.


He turned to Solar and asked, “Did you learn about dating from books?”. In response, Solar said, “I couldn’t communicate well”, adding “I had a crush on a boy during my high school days. It was a one-sided love so I felt very frustrated. I confessed to him right away”.


Solar continued, “I expected him to say ‘yes’ after my confession, but that boy said, ‘Oh, that’s a little bit..’ I was supposed to stop there but suddenly said, ‘Why? I’ll let you think until tomorrow”, adding “He avoided meeting me the next day. I went to find him again and asked why he didn’t answer me. In the end, we just dated but realized that things didn’t go right a week later”.

Upon hearing this, Tak Jae Hoon jokingly said, “Did you make any unreasonable request?”, Solar honestly confessed, “We didn’t meet each other for a week. At that time, I started to accept reality. We did go out anyways”


Hwasa also shocked “Dolsing Fourmen” cast with her unexpected dating style. She said, “Even if I have someone I like, I will never show it. The person I like also don’t know about my feeling. That’s how I end up in a one-sided love”.

Another member Moon Byul also confessed, “My last romantic relationship was right before my debut when I was 20”, adding “I kept practicing because I liked working more than dating. I didn’t feel lonely because I had the members and many friends.”

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MAMAMOO members then picked Moon Byul as the person who would get married first. Moon Byul also agreed. She said, “If I’m into something, I tend to go all-in for it”.

Tak Jae Hoon then said, “I think the second member would be Solar, and the third is Hwasa”, adding, “I think if Hwasa finds out the person she likes, she will definitely set a marriage goal”. Surprised by Tak Jae Hoon’s speculation, Hwasa reacted, “How did you know that?”.


Tak Jae Hoon continued,Wheein would be the last member. She has too many things to worry about. I think she would be the last to go”. Hwasa exclaimed, “You’re almost like God or a shaman”. Wheein said, “Isn’t this the state of God?”, and couldn’t close her mouth. MAMAMOO members drew attention as they also pointed out Wheein as the last person to get married.

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