Male Korean rapper BIG Naughty begged fans… not to listen to his new music, instead actively promoting his colleague’s 

BIG Naughty asked fans to listen to other artists for fear he might have to do the promised challenge. 

On the 25th, gen Z male rapper, BIG Naughty just released the MV “Just 10 centimeters” in collaboration with 10CM. With the release of new music work, the majority of K-pop artists will make full use of their chance to promote their song. However, BIG Naughty was an exception as he asked fans to listen to the music of other artists, rather than his nearly 1-day-old song, due to strange reasons. 

MV Just 10 centimeters (BIG Naughty, 10CM)

When “Just 10 centimeters” was out, BIG Naughty promised that, if his song reached the top 10 on MelOn, the rapper would do skydiving while his collaborator, 10CM would bungee-jumping. 

After a few hours of release, the song quickly hit 11th rank on MelOn chart, which startled the artist and led him to stop fans from streaming the music. He also posted many Instagram story posts to “divert” fans’ attention to other K-pop artists such as NewJeans, IVE, Girls’ Generation, BLACKPINK.

BIG Naughty stopped fans from listening to his new song. 

Coming across their LED screen for the new song on the street, the pair also stopped to take a picture “protesting” against the promotion. He also called his MV as “something strange” and asked the building to play his junior’s song, NewJeans. 

Despite their efforts to stop fans, fans continued to stream their new release to 8th rank on MelOn. In this light, their management company H1GHR MUSIC has contacted national skydivers, insurance companies and prepared necessary equipment to have BIG Naughty do the challenge at any moment. 

“Just 10 centimeters” hit the 8th rank on MelOn and is a high chance that fans will see BIG Naughty and 10CM do their challenges.

This is not the first time BIG Naughty finds himself in a “difficult” situation. Not long ago,  the rapper boldly said that he would sign all the pre-order albums. As a result, the pre-order for his album “NANGMAN” was beyond expectation, reaching 12.000 sold copies in just a few days. The rapper had to ask his company for help by… closing the pre-order period sooner. 

Source: k14

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