This Korean rapper begged fans not to buy his album, even threatened to terminate his contract

The reason why this rapper resorted to such drastic measures is actually hilarious.

While most Kpop artists want to sell as many physical albums as possible, this Korean rapper wishes for the opposite, and even begs fans not to buy his album. While surreal, this actually happened to BIG Naughty (whose real name is Seo Donghyun), an artist under H1GHR MUSIC. 

big naughty
The young rapper BIG Naughty

And this is not at all a media play either, see that the young rapper sincerely asked for this. The reason is that he accidentally promised to hand-sign every order for his album. 

However, against all odds, pre-order for BIG Naughty’s new album “NANGMAN” surpassed 12,000 copies within just a few days, which meant BIG Naughty has to sign at least 12,000 signatures. As a result, the younger rapper updated his Instagram in serious regret. 

big naughty
BIG Naughty updated an Instagram story requesting for H1GHER MUSIC to quickly close order for his album. 
big naughty
The young rapper even texted his company staff in fear of having to sign autographs until his arm breaks. 
big naughty
He even lied to fans, saying that orders were closed. 
big naughty
And threatened, jokingly, to terminate his contract with the company. 

Seeing that fans were unwilling to listen to him, BIG Naughty then held a livestream, where he asked fans to stop buying. However, his fans completely ignored the request and joyfully placed even more orders. 

BIG Naughty tried to stop his fans on an Instagram livestream.

In his video live, the rapper tried to reason with fans, giving explanations like “Stop buying the album, you guys can just listen to it online!”

Fans then asked why he’d even release the physical album then, to which BIG Naughty could only replied: “But it feels more complete that way! No physical album just feels so odd!”

big naughty

Even now, BIG Naughty maintained his conviction that his fans need to stop buying, even if that bankrupt his company. His attitude soon became a hot topic among Korean netizens, who found the rapper extremely cute and hilarious – and truly one of a kind!

big naughty

BIG Naughty, whose real name is Seo Donghyun, debuted under H1GHER MUSIC. Since his first appearance, the rapper has always been praised as a prodigy, as he surpassed many tough competitors to come in 3rd in the famous rap show “Show Me The Money 8”. Born in 2003, the rapper is expected to grow even more popular in the near future, and his songs like “Where It All Started” (Remix), “CCTV”, and “Astronaut” all achieved decent successes. 

big naughty
Born in 2003, BIG Naughty is expected to become a prominent artist in the future. 
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