Lovelyz’s Jin reveals she’s working part-time at a restaurant after the group disbanded 

The current whereabouts of former Lovelyz member Jin (real name Park Myung-eun, 25) is drawing attention.

Jin posted new selfies and wrote on her personal Instagram story on February 21st, “Self-proclaimed beauty part-timer is here” and “Boss, how much longer do I have to work… No, but it’s still fun ^^ ! Please support this part-timer a lot. That’s how I can escape~”.

Lovelyz Jin

Jin is working part-time at her mother’s restaurant, which opened on February 15th. Three days before the opening, Jin promoted the restaurant through an Instagram post, “My mother is opening a small baked spaghetti restaurant next week. I’m not saying this because it’s my mom, but it’s really delicious haha. I guess it’s more tasty when you can feel the love. If you see it as you pass by, stop by and try the food. I’d be more grateful if you could visit on purpose”.

Lovelyz Jin

She especially added, “I’m gonna be there in the opening week, so please come. Ps. People might think I’m the owner of the restaurant… A pretty manager LOL,” leading to enthusiastic responses from fans. It seems that many fans have come to support since the first week of the restaurant’s opening because Jin said she would directly help out with the work. 

Lovelyz Jin

Jin later expressed gratitude for the fans, “Thank you to Lovelinus who came. Thanks to your warm hearts, I didn’t feel tired at all (I’m so sorry for the fans who just left while waiting) Thank you and I love you”. 

She added, “Everyone! I’m going to stay at that store for a while, so don’t overdo it. I’m so sorry that there are fans from overseas who went through self-quarantine, as well as fans from distant provinces. There’s no place to put the flowers in the store anymore, so I’ll just accept your heart. Letters are welcomed too.”

The support of former Lovelyz members continued. Seo Ji-soo presented a red ginseng gifticon and sent a message, “Tell your mother to eat well. Health is still the best.” Jung Ye-in encouraged Jin with a “thumbs up” emoticon, saying, “Wow, you’re a good daughter!”

Lovelyz Jin

Especially, Lee Mi-joo made everyone laugh by not replying for a long time to the mischievous suggestion, “Sis, come play with me. Let’s work part-time together while doing the Jinjoo show.” When Jin complained “Why didn’t you reply?”, Lee Mi-joo created a warm atmosphere by responding, “LOL, I’m going now.”

Meanwhile, Jin debuted in November 2014 under Lovelyz (Lee Soo-jung, Yoo Ji-ae, Seo Ji-soo, Lee Mi-joo, Kei, Jin, Ryu Su-jeong, Jung Ye-in) with the first full album “Girl’s Invasion”. Lovelyz virtually disbanded as their exclusive contract with Woollim Entertainment expired in November last year.

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