“Love Recall” Sung Yuri is furious due to the body shaming: “I hate it”

“Love Recall?” Sung Yu-ri conveys her thoughts on seeing someone body shaming their lover’s appearance.

In the 6th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Love Recall” which will air on August 15th, the story of this week’s Recall Girl, which arrived under the title “My lover’s uncomfortable acquaintance,” will be revealed. 

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This week’s Recall Girl, who worked part-time at a cafe, spent two years in an ambiguous relationship as close brother and sister with X, an acquaintance of the cafe owner. Then, X, who was moved by the Recall Girl who took care of him when he was sick, asked her to become his girlfriend.

Recall Girl, who is currently a Pilates instructor, had a lot of complexes about her chubby appearance until a few years ago. “The person I dated before shamed my appearance. So it remained a trauma to me.” In response to the Recall Girl, Sung Yu-ri said with a serious face, “Why do people body shame others? I hate it,” Jang Young-ran agreed, “Why do you body shame others? I hate it the most when people body shame me,” she said, angering on behalf of the Recall Girl.

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“X liked me just the way I was. He didn’t try to change me. If anything happened, he always took my side instead of his rational judgment. I started to feel that there was still such a good person like that in this world,” she said, praising X. X’s relationship with the Recall Girl seemed to have no problem, but X’s acquaintance who made rude remarks about her had created a quarrel between the lovers, and the quarrel makes them break up.  

Hearing the breakup story between the Recall Girl and X, Jang Young-ran is saddened, saying, “It’s not because they didn’t love each other, but because of an acquaintance, it’s the most unfair.” This raises curiosity about the full episode and what decisive event led to the separation of the Recall Girl and X, as well as the atrocities committed by X’s acquaintance, which shocked everyone.

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The latest episode of the love reality KBS 2TV’s “Love Recall” which shows extremely realistic love, separation, and reunion between sincere and desperate Recall Boys and Girls, will air at 8:30 p.m. on August 15th.

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