LOONA Chuu knew the company would accuse her? Defended by staff and a member

Several staff and a LOONA member expressed anger after Chuu was kicked out and accused of power trip. Blockberry tried to drag her down?

Previously, the agency of LOONA, Blockberry Creative, announced that Chuu is being kicked out of LOONA and said, “Chuu committed verbal harassment and other abuse to the staff, and it was decided that she were to be expelled from LOONA. After this was discovered, the company representative has apologized and comforted the affected staff.”

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After this announcement, on November 25th, LOONA member Hyunjin expressed her true feelings via the fan platform Fab, saying, “My head hurts. My heart hurts. I am so angry. I am really angry”. 

She also added, ““I’m sure Chuu is the one that’s the most heartbroken right now. Please show her your love and support.” 

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When fans expressed concerns that she would be scolded for saying these words, Hyunjin responded, “For what reason would they scold me? Did I do something wrong?”. As a result, curiosity and speculations are being raised regarding the conflict between Blockberry and Chuu. 

At the same time, several staff members have stepped up to defend Chuu. In particular, the writer of web entertainment show “Chuu Can Do It”, posted an Instagram story which said, “Power abuse, that’s really funny. Even when it was tiring for Jiwoo (Chuu) she was someone who worried in case the staff wouldn’t get paid.”

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Other workers have also discussed their encounter with Chuu and had nothing but praise for the female idol.

There is also a high possibility that Chuu was already aware that her agency would release such a scathing statement. In particular, it was belatedly reported that Chuu cried at a fan meeting on October 20th, even saying in advance, “You will be surprised or embarrassed by an article that will be published at the end of this year.” 

Source: Nate 

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