Looking at 2PM’s Chansung, Super Junior’s Choi Si-won realized he didn’t think of getting married until he was 40 years old

Choi Si-won, a member of the group Super Junior, mentioned marriage as he guested on “Work Later, Hike Now.”

In tvN’s variety show “Work Later, Hike Now,” which aired on February 18th, Choi Si-won visited Lee Sun-bin, Han Sun-hwa, and Jung Eun-ji.

In the broadcast that day, Lee Sun-bin, Han Sun-hwa, and Jung Eun-ji returned to their accommodation after climbing Taebaeksan Mountain.

Photo = Capture of tvN's "Work Later, Hike Now”
Photo = Capture of tvN’s “Work Later, Hike Now”

The next morning, the three began to eat the food made by Han Sun-hwa, during which someone came to visit them. It was Choi Si-won. Choi Si-won said in front of the house, “I’m already scared to go in.” Choi Si-won did not go into the house immediately but listened to the three people’s conversation. He knocked and entered the house, and the three welcomed him.

The four began to eat dumpling soup and continued the conversation. Choi Si-won said, “You look like you will get along well. Sun-bin is like a green field. Sun-hwa is the mountain which embraces them like a mother. Eun-ji is like a rock at the beach.” Han Sun-hwa drew laughter by saying, “You are the morning for some reason.” Choi Si-won said, “I sleep very well when I’m in this program with you guys.”

Han Sun-hwa said, “Oppa, when are you going to set me up on a blind date?” Choi Si-won said, “Someone asked me to introduce him to Sun-hwa. I don’t know him in person, but he said he liked you so much. He said he liked a someone like Sun-hwa.” Han Sun-hwa laughed, saying, “I’m 33 years old, I need to get married.” Choi Si-won said, “I thought you weren’t very interested.” Han Sun-hwa said, “I like to meet someone naturally (not through blind dates). But inside, I thought, ‘When am I going to meet someone?'” and made people laugh.

Photo = Capture of tvN's "Work Later, Hike Now”

Choi Si-won said, “Then I’ll try to push (the blind date) ahead.” Han Sun-hwa laughed. Choi Si-won said, “Aren’t there many married friends around you? I had no intention of getting married until I was 40. All my cousins got married and I was the only one who hasn’t. 2PM’s Chansung also has good news,” he confessed. “I felt weird when I saw it. I didn’t think about it much when it was someone not in the same industry. But as I wasn’t having any thoughts about it, I suddenly wondered if I should get married soon,” he added.

Choi Si-won also said, “Yesterday’s decisive blow was that my father said, ‘Some people have grandchildren already, and they are so pretty. They look like their dads. Shouldn’t you think about meeting someone?” Han Sun-hwa, who heard this, said, “I was shaken a bit when someone around me got married. Before the filming of “Work Later, Hike Now,” some of my friends got married so the change came to me. I have a lot of worries about what happiness really is and whether I should make a family to live happily.”

Photo = Capture of tvN's "Work Later, Hike Now”

Choi Si-won said, “I think Sun-hwa will do so well when she gets married.” Han Sun-hwa shouted, “I will only look at my husband when I get married,” and made everyone laugh. She continued, “It feels like a New Year’s Day relative gathering because of the marriage story.” Choi Si-won joked, “You’re like the cousins I don’t want to see again.”

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