“Living a normal life is hard” Song Mino talking about his panic and bipolar disorder resurfaces ahead of enlistment 

With WINNER’s Song Mino starting his alternative service as a public service worker on March 24th, attention is focused on the reason for his alternative service.

On March 24th, Minho Song will begin his alternative military service as a social worker. On March 2nd, YG Entertainment asked for encouragement for Song Mino, saying, “There will be no separate on-site event to prevent safety accidents caused by overcrowding.”

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Previously, Song Mino dropped out of JTBC’s “Peak Time”, which recently premiered. On the show, Song Mino mentioned his enlistment, saying, “I’m going to be away for about two years, but I’ll look forward to seeing which friend will come up and threaten my position.”

YG Entertainment did not reveal the reason for Song Mino’s service as a social worker. Amidst various speculations about this, the episode of Channel A’s “Oh Eun Young’s Gold Counseling Center”, in which Song Mino appeared as a guest in the past, is being talked about again.

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Song Mino said that he has been suffering from panic disorder and bipolar disorder since the end of 2017, adding, “I went to the hospital because I collapsed.”. He revealed the symptoms started when he appeared in “New Journey to the West” and “Kang’s Kitchen” and started to achieve great success with his first solo song “Fiancé”.

At the time, Song Mino confessed, “Sometimes even living a normal daily life of watching TV or eating is difficult. I was talking on the phone with a friend and heard that he was going to watch a movie after work, and I thought, ‘How can that be possible?’”

song mino

Hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun Young expressed her concern, saying, “Song Mino is in a state of anxiety that his creativity and artistry, the sources of his joy, will disappear.”

In particular, Song Mino, whose father passed away last year, posted on his Instagram, “The older you get, the more experience you have, overcoming failures, people around you getting married one by one, meeting new people is just tiring. It’s the most comfortable, but the most lonely at home. Sometimes I want to cry like a baby and give up.”

song mino

Meanwhile, Song Mino is going to be the third WINNER member to enlist. Kim Jinwoo and Lee Seunghoon were discharged last year. Following 1993-born Song Mino’s enlistment, Kang Seungyoon, WINNER’s maknae born in 1994, is also about to enlist.

Source: Daum

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