f(x) Victoria Song shedded tears as fan mentioned the late Sulli

When a fan mentioned former f(x) member Sulli, Victoria Song got emotional and could not hold back her tears. 

On March 1st, Chinese media Suho reported that Victoria Song (also known as Song Qian) attended a press conference to promote her upcoming drama. Here, the idol-actress showed up in a simple outfit, and boasted beautiful and extremely youthful visuals. 

Victoria Song

Then, during a session where cast members communicated with the audience, a fan suddenly mentioned former f(x) member Sulli, making Victoria emotional. In particular, the fan said, “Sulli, a person who was close with Song Qian (Victoria), just came to my mind. I have always felt like she was a great person. However, after suffering from overwhelming pressure from the public, she decided to take her own life. Ever since, I started to look at things more carefully and hear things from different perspectives, so as not to be fooled by one-sided remarks on the Internet.”

Hearing these sincere words, Victoria could not help but start to cry. The idol-actress even turned around to wipe her tears, as if not to worry fans. Pained by Victoria’s reaction, a footage of the scene has quickly gone viral on China’s biggest SNS platform, Weibo.

Victoria Song
Victoria cried when a fan mentioned Sulli

During their time as f(x), Victoria Song always took close care of Sulli, as the leader and oldest member of the group. In fact, Victoria was even regarded as the “mother” of the group, and despite being active in China, she always showed support for fellow f(x) members.

victoria sulli

On the other hand, Sulli passed away at the age of 25 in October 2019. The female idol took her own life in her personal home, shocking the public. It was known that she suffered from harsh criticisms from the public, as well as mental health issues.  

sulli victoria
Sulli and Victoria Song

Source: Sohu

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