Little Woman and Korean remake series from famous foreign works

Let’s take a look at some Korean remakes from European and American series. Are they a success or failure when being remade in Korea?

Little Women

Little Women is a series adapted from the novel of the same name by the famous American female writer Louisa May Alcott. The work talks about the ups and downs in the lives of small women in a society with many injustices, thereby honoring their beauty as well as portraying beautiful and pure sisterhood.

Little Women Korean version is not the first series adaptation project of this work. In particular, the latest adaptation was to be released to the public in 2019, with the participation of famous actresses and actors like Saoirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet, Florence Pugh, and Emma Watson. The film even received 6 Oscar nominations and attracted a lot of praise from experts.

In the Korean version of Little Women, feminism is no longer a factor that is brought to the forefront but instead is a picture reflecting the gritty of the rich and poor, filled with temptations that each person must face and overcome.

The work has a detective and thrilling color, very suitable for the flow of modern Korean drama. 

Woori The Virgin

The series is a remake of the famous American series Jane The Virgin released in 2014. The original Woori The Virgin was very well received by the audience, even won a Golden Globe award, and was voted by the American Film Institute (AFI) to be TV show of the year.

Woori The Virgin revolves around the story of a kind, gentle girl named Oh Woo Ri. During a visit to the doctor, Woo Ri’s doctor made a mistake and artificially inseminated her. Ironically, she already has a boyfriend. A series of funny situations came to the young mother, making her life completely turned upside down.

With a typical American-style script, Woo Ri The Virgin is expected to bring a new breeze to the K-drama world. With its strange and attractive content, the series successfully gained attention when it first aired.

However, later on, the work could not maintain its heat till the end with the highest rating of only 4.5%. Overall, neither the quality nor the commercial performance of the drama is appreciated by the public.


Mistress is a Korean drama remake of the original with the same name. The original version of Mistress is a popular series about four British women with complicated relationships.

The drama’s content revolves around the lives of 4 women in their 30s, each with a fate when one is a mistress, another is widowed… With a dramatic script, mentioning even the darkest issues, the hidden corners of everyone’s thoughts, the Korean version of Mistress is a work worth looking forward to before its broadcast.

However, Mistress did not achieve good results even though this is the work that marks the return of actress Han Ga In after 6 years of absence.

Overall, this is not a low-quality work when the characters all have impressive acting, the content has depth and the context is well invested. Just the beautiful and gorgeous visuals of the 4 women with their luxurious fashion sense alone are enough to make the drama attractive to viewers. Maybe it’s just not lucky enough!

The World Of Married

The World of the Married, which aired in 2020, instantly became popular due to its gripping storyline that focused on a family’s shocking adultery. But many moviegoers are unaware that it is a remake of the 2015 British television series Doctor Foster.

When compared to the original, the Korean adaptation keeps the main story but adds more dramatic details, bringing the character tensions to a head and drawing viewers in from the very first episodes.

The drama became the highest-viewed work of Korean cable stations with the highest rating of 28.4%, comparable to Sky Castle and Crash Landing On You.

One of the factors that make up the success of this drama is the good exploitation of the topic of adultery, a rather hot issue in society, in addition to the top-notch acting skills of Kim Hee Ae.

Money Heist

Following the global success of the Spanish blockbuster Money Heist, Korean filmmakers created a series adapted from this Netflix series. Because the original was so successful, the remake project for the Korean version gives moviegoers a lot of hope for another hit like Squid Game.

However, the Korean version of Money Heist did not live up to fans’ expectations.  Gathering a cult star cast, but the Korean version of Money Heist is judged as just an unattractive copy compared to the original.

Furthermore, the storyline remains almost unchanged, causing the series to lose its attractiveness and fail to pique the audience ‘s curiosity. Its slow circuit also causes many viewers to become impatient while watching.

After all, remaking a work that is so popular and successful appears to carry more risk than luck. Most of these works are unable to overcome the overwhelming marks left by the originals. 


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