Choi Yoo-jung, “I dated my first love when I was a student. I was very impatient and anxious while dating” (Love Recall)

Choi Yoo-jung confessed that she had an uneasy relationship with her first love.

In the 11th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Love Recall”, which is scheduled to air on September 26th, the story of a Recall man who broke up with his ex due to work will be revealed under the topic “Work and Love”. Weki Meki member Choi Yoo-jung will appear on this broadcast as a one-day Recall planner and introduce the story of her first love. 

The Recall man, who is working as a broadcasting director and event planner, pays too much attention to his work to the point that he is almost addicted to working because of his extraordinary sense of responsibility. Accordingly, the Recall man met his ex several times in work-related meetings, and accidentally reunited with her after a long time in a meeting with his acquaintances.

The two overcame their age gap of 11 years and naturally became lovers. However, the Recall man was too busy with his tasks that kept piling up and he couldn’t even answer his ex’s calls properly. Having a hard time while dating, he couldn’t even go on a proper date with his ex because he was so busy answering work-related calls.

Upon hearing the story of the Recall man, Choi Yoo-jung recalls the memories of when she was dating her first love when she was a student and before her debut. Choi Yoo-jung reveals, “He worked very hard on studying so I wanted to do many things when we had time together. I was very impatient and anxious while dating like there was always a time limit whenever we wanted to do this and that.”

Source: daum

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