Lisa spotted an “old student” at BLACKPINK’s concert? Her cute expression went viral!

The cute expression of BLACKPINK Lisa during the group’s concert has drawn a lot of attention from fans.

On January 7th, BLACKPINK began the Asia leg of the Born Pink World Tour with a stop in Thailand – the home nation of Lisa. The night was filled with explosive performances, alongside the appearances of various big names and viral moments. 

blackpink born pink bangkok
BLACKPINK’s concert in Thailand has become a hot topic 

In addition, interactions between BLACKPINK members and fans also receive a lot of attention. Lisa’s cute expression during the soundcheck, in particular, has gone viral across various SNS platforms. In particular, a video of Lisa looking rather surprised, before shouting with excitement and waving at the audience while looking down, has garnered a lot of views. 

lisa blackpink
Lisa’s viral expression 

Seeing the video, many people believe that Lisa’s expression was because she spotted Yennis Huang – a participant on Chinese program “Youth With You 2” and Lisa’s “old student” among the crowd. According to them, Yennis Huang previously published several photos at BLACKPINK’s venue, and revealed that she also attended the sound check. Her view was also similar to that in the viral video, leading to aforementioned speculations. 

lisa blackpink yennis huang
Yennis Huang once expressed that she is a huge fan of Lisa, moving the BLACKPINK member 
lisa blackpink yennis huang
She also revealed a photo at BLACKPINK’s soundcheck prior to the concert 

The video of Lisa’s reaction soon gained almost 2 million views, while Lisa became a hot topic on the Chinese SNS platform Weibo. Many people also started to question Yennis Huang if Lisa recognized her, but the female celebrity admitted herself that it was not the case. In fact, she mentioned that Lisa was interacting with another fan. 

lisa Yennis-Huang
Yennis Huang said that Lisa was interacting with another fan

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