Lisa (BLACKPINK) is under fire for her tattoo, a famous Thai figure comes to her defense 

The figure was Thai actress and model Ploy Chermarn.

On March 7th, a series of top Thai entertainment news reported that Lisa (BLACKPINK) was strongly criticized for her back tattoo during her photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar. While only a small corner of the tattoo was seen, Thai netizens showed negative reactions to it. 


Among the criticisms, one particularly stood out. A poster said on Twitter: “Why does one get tattoos on their beautiful smooth skin. Thai people consider her a bad woman. I give warming out of good intentions. You won’t get accepted to work anywhere with a tattoo. Adults don’t like it, especially government officials. Isn’t it better being a cute idol for all ages?”

Nonetheless, a large number of netizens came to her defense, one of which was Thai actress and model Ploy Chermarn. She expressed her opinions: “It’s already 2023.” 

lisa fan

In response to the ongoing backlash, Thai actress and model Ploy Chermarn stood up for the idol: “It’s already 2023” 

Netizens agreed to her stance and made their own judgment such as: “It’s her body. Her money. Why do you care about what she wants to do” or “It’s funny. What era are we in now? It seems like we can’t keep up with the world. She’s already so rich, and the most important thing is not to interfere with other people’s bodies. It’s her life, and she has the right to do whatever she wants.” 


Ploy Chermarn is a famous model and actress born in 1982. She is known for her stunning visuals, versatile acting transformation and a long list of filmography. 

Source: K14

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