Lin Chi Ling’s domestic violence rumor: real victim is a K-drama actress who divorced after 12 days

Alleged footage of Lin Chi Ling’s abuse rumors turns out to be from another domestic abuse case of a K-drama actress.

Recently, rumors of Lin Chi Ling suffering from domestic abuse under the hands of her husband, AKIRA, alongside alleged photos of her beaten and bruised in the hospital, were spreaded all across the net. However, the footage, which was reported by Taiwan media, turns out to be from a completely different person.

lee min young

In particular, according to Sohu, Lin Chi Ling was never the woman in the photos. Instead, it was K-drama actress Lee Min Young, whose divorce case in 2006 made headlines all across Asian media. At the time, Lee Min Young, who had an impressive career because she started acting at the age of 4 and boasted a stunning appearance, got divorced after only 12 days of marriage. 

It was reported that Lee Min Young was abused by her husband, to the point she had a miscarriage. 

lee min young
Lin Chi Ling’s domestic abuse rumors turn out to be unfounded 
Footage said to be of Lin Chi Ling was actually from Lee Min Young’s divorce case 

In particular, Lee Min Young married film actor Lee Chan in December 2006 and held a private wedding ceremony. They then went on a honeymoon in Bali, and got a divorce after 12 days of marriage. At the time, photos of Lee Min Young all bandaged with bruised eyes at the hospital started to surface, and Lee Chan was revealed to be a violent man. 

lee min young

There was even information that Lee Chan beated Lee Min Young until she had a miscarriage. In addition, in 2007, Lee Min Young filed a lawsuit against Lee Chan, claiming that he pulled her hair, kicked her in the stomach, and threw her out of his car onto the road. Lee Chan firmly denied all accusations, but he was deemed guilty and sentenced to 2 years of probation and 240 hours of community service. Netizens at the time were enraged, believing that such a sentence was way too light for a person like him, especially when Lee Min Young was traumatized and had to avoid the media for 2 whole years.

lee min young

In 2009, Lee Min Young decided to come forward and reveal all the details of her abuse case. However, her abusive husband shamelessly continued filming for his unfinished TV drama, without showing any remorse or guilt. He eventually had to go on a hiatus, and upon his return, was only able to nail supporting roles. Meanwhile, Lee Min Young was able to return to K-drama as a leading character in “Fermentation Family”, before asserting her acting abilities in subsequent works.

Unfortunately, it seems that the image of Lee Min Young beaten and bruised is being used for malicious purposes, such as in this case of spreading false rumors about Lin Chi Ling.

lee min young
Lee Min Young has resumed both her life and career as normal 

Source: Sohu

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