It must be great to be Lee Jong-seok, because Lim Yoona is definitely a bulldozer problem solver

"Big Mouth" Lim Yoon-ah is showing how great her character is at problem-solving.

Ko Mi-ho (played by Lim Yoon-ah), who jumped into the battlefield to save her family in MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (written by Kim Ha-ram/directed by Oh Choong-hwan), is getting closer to the truth after analyzing the situation that was messy like a pile of unsolved puzzle pieces. The evidence found by Ko Mi-ho, which can solve questions surrounding the murder at Gucheon Hospital, was released on August 17th.

snsd yoona big mouth

#A link between the mystery of the cancer ward on the 7th floor to the lies of the hospital staff toward the victim Seo Jae-yong (Park Hoon)

First, Ko Mi-ho infiltrated Gucheon Hospital, the epicenter of the murder, and followed the traces of the deceased victim Seo Jae-yong. She met the doctors there and asked about Seo Jae-yong’s unpublished thesis, but they kept saying they didn’t know, letting Ko Mi-ho down. On top of that, the doctors’ claim that Seo Jae-yong was an incompetent doctor and Seo’s reputation among patients that he was a very kind doctor went against each other, giving hints that there was something secret behind this.

snsd yoona big mouth

The question surrounding Gucheon Hospital did not end here. All cancer patients on the 7th floor applied for a ban on cardiopulmonary resuscitation regardless of the severity of their disease. A staff at Gucheon Hospital was even seen forcing the patients’ guardians to apply for a cardiopulmonary resuscitation ban, adding to the suspicion that the unpublished papers and cancer patients on the 7th floor are somehow related.

#The increasingly suspicious track record of the head nurse

snsd yoona big mouth

Ko Mi-ho, who wandered from place to place at Gucheon Hospital to find clues to the incident, expressed her shock at Kim Kyung-sook (Jeong Yeon)’s request for help, saying she could not trust anyone at the hospital. After hearing this, Park Mi-young (played by Kim Sun-hwa) dismissed what Kim Kyung-sook said as a trivial thing, saying she has delusions of grandeur. Park’s unusual reaction is drawing distrust from viewers.

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Most importantly, the disappearance of the head nurse from the center’s equipment room, which stores the patient’s blood extracts and restricts entrance, made the viewers suspect danger. The fact that prisoners of Gucheon Prison were divided into groups to proceed with the blood collection in the volunteer work also doubled the audience’s curiosity.

Attention is focused on the identity of the mysterious head nurse and the clues hidden in the blood she collected. 

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#The necklace of Seo Jae-young’s secret mistress Jang Hye-jin (Hong Ji-hee)

As the overview of the murder case and clues about unpublished documents at Gucheon Hospital are gradually becoming clearer thanks to Ko Mi-ho’s passionate efforts, a decisive testimony has been revealed to help her locate the documents. Kim Kyung-sook, who revealed that Seo Jae-young asked him to make a Cross necklace that was large enough to put the paper inside, died in a mysterious way without revealing the exact owner of the necklace.

snsd yoona big mouth

Recalling the moment she saw the Hospital director Hyun Joo-hee (Ok Ja-yeon) wearing a Cross necklace, Ko Mi-ho came to meet Hyun Joo-hee and tried to confirm the fact. Contrary to Ko Mi-ho’s expectations, Hyun Joo-hee’s necklace turned out to be a keepsake from her mother, not an item given by Seo Jae-young. Ko Mi-ho looked back at the clues step by step and then concluded that the necklace she was searching for has the same design as the one on Jang Hye-jin’s neck.

snsd yoona big mouth

The viewers are looking forward to seeing whether Ko Mi-ho, who has found the important clue to solve the case, will be able to obtain Jang Hye-jin’s Cross necklace and disclosed the document hidden inside it. Ko Mi-ho, who has been actively overcoming numerous crises all by herself, is raising expectations for her next move. 

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