Lia Kim, “I was bullied throughout elementary school, I have few close friends”

World class dancer Lia Kim confessed that she has very few close friends.

On the September 23rd of Channel A’s program “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic”, famous dancer Lia Kim made a guest appearance. 

Here, Lia Kim, who is the co-founder and chief choreographer of the world-famous dance crew 1MILLION, received counseling from Dr. Oh Eun Young.  Lia Kim is the winner of numerous world dance competitions. She also worked as a choreography trainer for idols at SM, YG, and JYP.

On this day, Lia Kim said that she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome two years ago and  is currently getting treatment. She also confessed that she had great difficulties in navigating relationships, to the point that she considered herself a “psychopath”.

Hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun Young explained that Asperger’s Syndrome does not affect the patient’s intelligence, but causes them to have difficulties in social and verbal communication. Most people with the syndrome struggle to understand hidden intentions and differences in the  opinions of others, the doctor said, before redefining Asperger’s Syndrome as a combination of austistic features and social communication disorders.

As someone with the syndrome, Lia Kim confessed, “I have very few close friends.”

I moved to Seoul when I was in the upper grades of elementary school, and I was bullied throughout the school,” the dancer said, adding, “so I lived a very quiet life until middle school, and as I went up to high school, I started dancing. Starting from then, I lived as a quiet child in school and an active child in the practice room.”

Source: daum

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