Li Yifeng reportedly apologizes after his arrest for soliciting prostitutes

Li Yifeng apologized to fans and told them not to wait for his return.

As reported by Sina on September 27, some fans of Li Yifeng simultaneously posted that the problematic actor has issued his apology through them.

Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng has been released from administrative detention, but all his social media accounts have been deactivated. He also lost his acting awards and had his name removed from the works he starred in. Therefore, him having to apologize through others is understandable. 

Accordingly, Li Yifeng revealed he was fine. He apologized to those who trusted him and asked them not to wait for his comeback. He said goodbye to the audience as well as his business.

Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng’s management company has shut down. Some entertainment industry insiders have also reported that Li Yifeng will have to pay large amounts in compensation for the brands he endorsed due to the breach of contracts. Currently, over 10 brands have cut ties with the scandalous actor. 

Li Yifeng is known to have now returned to his hometown, Sichuan, to stay with his parents for a while. It is rumored that he will move to Thailand with his family next year. 

Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng was an A-list Chinese actor and singer. Along with Kris Wu, Yang Yang, and Luhan, Li Yifeng was listed among the Top 4 male stars with the largest fan base, biggest influence, and most brand deals in China’s entertainment industry. On September 11, official reports surfaced that the police had arrested Li Yifeng on charges of soliciting prostitutes on multiple occasions. He was administratively detained for investigation.

The Huading Awards later announced that Li Yifeng‘s titles of Best Actor in China’s Top 100 TV Dramas and The National Audience’s Favourite Movie Star have been revoked. Luxury brand Prada also dropped Li Yifeng, followed by a series of many other brands for which he was an ambassador. 

Li Yifeng
Li Yifeng’s career is basically over
Li Yifeng
Some sources suggest that Li Yifeng will move to Thailand

Source: K14

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