6 years after “Descendants of the Sun”, this once unpopular actor is doing extremely well

This K-drama actor who gained popularity after “Descendants of the Sun” was even honored for his brave action.

In the megahit K-drama “Descendants of the Sun”, which aired back in 2016, actor Kim Min Seok assumes the role of Kim Ki Bum – a soldier who used to be caught by “Big Boss” Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) for stealing. In fact, Kim Ki Bum could even be considered the main couple “match-maker”, seeing that after fighting with him, the male lead Yoo Shi Jin went to the hospital and met the love of his life – doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo). After this role, Kim Min Seok started to gain attention, and his later roles also became more important. 

In particular, he became a major cast member in the K-drama series “Because This Is My First Life”, which aired a year later. His other works, such as “The Doctors”, “Imaginary Defendants”, and “Lovestruck in the City” all gained decent attention. 

Moreover, the actor also boasts remarkable acting skills, and his “flower boy” visuals help to attract quite the number of fans.

kim min seok

In 2020, Kim Min Seok was honored while serving his mandatory military service. Apparently, the actor was taking a leave when he saw a man sneakily filming the body of another woman, and quickly put a stop to this action. He also suppressed the man until the police arrived, and the man turns out to have been doing this sneak filming for a long time. Thanks to Kim Min Seok’s effort, the man’s various sneak videos were discovered, leading to prompt arrest.

kim min seok
A recent photo of Kim Min Seok 

Now, Kim Min Seok has been discharged from the military and is taking a break from the screen for a while. He often updates on SNS photos of him exercising and going to the gym, flaunting his perfect physique that’s improving day by day. Many netizens even suspect that the actor is planning to return with a new image soon. 

Source: K14

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