“Let’s spar,” What BTS Jungkook said to fighter Choo Sung-hoon’s suggestion

Will Choo Sung-hoon and BTS Jungkook’s sparring really happen? 

Mixed martial arts fighter Choo Sung-hoon wrote on his SNS official Twitter account on the morning of April 19th, “When BTS Jungkook saw the article, he smiled and replied to me, ‘But I will die~’”. Choo Sung-hoon added, “I’m still waiting for the day when I can meet you.” 

BTS Jungkook

In response, netizens retweeted the post and spread it online. Fans said, “I guess Jungkook called him after seeing the article about Choo Sung-hoon sparring suggestion with Jungkook” “Hide Jungkook”. “Jungkook is going to have a duel with Choo Sung-hoon and collaborate with Jay Park? I get to live long enough to see this. It’s gonna be fun, “Is our boxing puppy shaking?” “I hope they meet each other soon.” “I think Jungkook’s coach knows Choo Sung-hoon.” 

BTS Jungkook

Earlier on the 16th, Jungkook posted a video of himself focusing on boxing practice on his SNS Instagram. Choo Sung-hoon, who watched the video, commented, “Please invite me to spar with you next time.” As a result, many fans showed great interest in their future meeting.

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