This former idol from SM was caught dating on the filming set, “There was a video of the two together…”

Tao (Hwang Zi-Tao), a former member of the group EXO, was caught up in rumors of a relationship with Xu Yi-yang, a former SM Entertainment trainee.

On the 18th, on Weibo, there was an article saying that Xu Yiyang stayed at the filming site for Huang Zitao‘s work for two days, and that the two moved to the dormitory together after the filming was over. This is not the first time Tao and Xu Yiyang have been rumored to be dating. 

huang zi tao

This is not the first time the couple has been caught up in dating rumors. Earlier in February, rumors of a dating relationship between the two had already become a hot topic online, but both sides have denied the dating rumors. Netizens have repeatedly discovered evidence of the couple’s dating. Huang Zitao even used a photo taken with Xu Yiyang as his profile picture.

huang zitao
huang zitao

Xu Yiyang is a former SM trainee. She later returned to China and joined Huang Zitao’s company. She got the most attention when participating in the show “Chuang 2020”, but in the end she was regretfully eliminated and lost her debut ticket. It was thought that after the end of the show “Chuang 2020”, Xu Yiyang would easily develop her career, but she was constantly entangled in a dating rumor with Huang Zitao, who is also her boss.

huang zitao

As for Huang Zitao, he has also repeatedly denied being in love with the artist under his company.

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