“Legendary K-Arts Class of ‘10” actress Ahn Eun Jin gains recognition through “My Dearest”

Acting alongside Nam Goong Min in “My Dearest”, Ahn Eun Jin has further proved her talents

MBC’s Fri-Sat drama “My Dearest” is reaching higher ratings and arousing more hot topics ahead of the end of Part 1. While predicting that Nam Goong Min will receive Daesang for his performance in “My Dearest” at the year-end awards, many viewers also pour favorable reviews for the excellent acting of Ahn Eun Jin.

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Ahn Eun Jin plays the role of Yoo Gil Chae, a beautiful daughter of a noble family who sincerely falls in love with a man after experiencing the pain of war. At the beginning of the drama, she seduces all the young men and acts like an arrogant lady. However, after meeting Lee Jang Hyun (Na Goong Min), she realizes true love, goes through the trials of war, and grows into a tough woman.

As soon as the character Yoo Gil Chae developed, the rating of “My Dearest” also soared. According to Nielsen Korea, the drama started at 5.4% in the first broadcast released on August 4th but increased rapidly to 8.4% after airing five episodes. Watching Yoo Gil Chae’s determined appearance when enduring the war, viewers became more immersed in the story. As such, when she realized her feelings for Lee Jang Hyun in episode 7, the rating skyrocketed to 10.6%.

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Apart from the great contribution of Nam Goong Min, who is an expert in melodramas and action series, Ahn Eun Jin also completed her part exceptionally well. The actress showcased her versatility by perfectly portraying various sides of Yoo Gil Chae, from an innocent young lady who is blinded by affection for Na Yeon Joon (Lee Hak Joo), a woman who falls into a deep romance with Lee Jang Hyun, and a strong leader who takes good care of people around her while trying to survive in war.

Making her debut in 2012 through the musical “The Sorrows of Young Werther”, Ahn Eun Jin later expanded her spectrum by starring in numerous dramas, such as “The Crowned Clown”, “Kingdom”, “Possessed”, “My Fellow Citizens!”, “Hell Is Other People”, etc. Captivating the audience with her character Chu Min Ha in the popular “Hospital Playlist” series, she continued to work hard and prove her presence after starring in “More Than Friends”, “The One and Only” and “The Good Bad Mother”.

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In particular, Ahn Eun Jin is known to be a member of the “legendary Korea National University of Arts Class of ‘10” together with many famous actors such as Kim Go Eun, Park So Dam, Lee Sang Yi, and Kim Sung Chul. Despite becoming known to the public a little later than her friends, Ahn Eun Jin was not impatient and focused on acting only.

With all the efforts she has made and her passion for acting, Ahn Eun Jin finally shines brighter in “My Dearest”.

Source: Daum

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